Karin Willén


Lives and works in Stockholm and Hållnäs

Education: MA Fine Arts the the Royal Institute of Art 1996

Postmasters: the Impact of Research 2023 Stockholm University of the Arts SKH, Performing Sustainability 2022 the Royal institute of Art RIA, Made in China Art and Architecture 2004 RIA, Architectural designstrategies 1998 RIA

Art History and Economical History 1987 the University of Uppsala



Artist´s books

Kokgropar och andra aktiviteter i Forsmarks skogar  / Fire pits and other activities in the woods of Forsmark 2019, with Carl Johan Erikson, afterword Johan Redin. Jon Brunberg Publishing

10° Recept från Forsmarks skärgård  / 10°C Recipes from the Archipelago of Forsmark 2016, with Carl Johan Erikson, afterword Jesper Olsson. Jon Brunberg Publishing


                                 Research, and artistic research and development projects (konstnärligt utvecklingsarbete)          

2018 – 19             A Macroscopic Exploration – the Final Repository

                                 Research project within the Hub for Environmental Humanities research at LiU, the Seedbox,

                                 funded by Mistra and Formas. Research position held at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.  

                                 Joint project with artist and associate professor Carl Johan Erikson, Royal Institute of Art (RIA).

2016                       A Macroscopic Exploration – Biotestsjön An artistic research project on wildlife (fish) and warm cooling waters of Forsmark nuclear power plant. With associate professor Carl Johan Erikson, Royal Institute of Art.

2002-03                Art as a Process of Unstabilities Report on the decisionmaking processes in public art with artist and photographer Maria Lantz. Commission for the Public Art Agency Sweden.


Artist´s books

2019                      Kokgropar och andra aktiviteter i Forsmarks skogar  / Fire pits and other activities in the woods of Forsmark

                                In collaboration with Carl Johan Erikson, afterword Johan Redin. JonBrunbergPublishing

2016                       10° Recept från Forsmarks skärgård  / 10°C Recipes from the Archipelago of Forsmark

                                 In collaboration with Carl Johan Erikson, afterword Jesper Olsson.  JonBrunbergPublishing.


                                 Exhibitions and events

2023                       Borderland group/Excursions Talks, together with Carl Johan Erikson, Lund university

Awesome Ararat, Impact of Research Konsthallen Kraft, ETC Solpark Katrineholm

Du strålande nya värld – Kärnkraft, kärnvapen, kärnavfall, seminar University of Gothenburg, presentation of collaboration with C J Erikson on food and nuclear energy

                                 Tiny Performance Festivals Missionshus utställning och samtal kring lokalt skogsbruk

samarbete Konstfrämjandet Uppland, På tur i Hållnäs

2022                       Humanistdygnet LiU, performance 10°, with Carl Johan Erikson

                                 Verkstad rum för konst, Norrköping, performance wild boar sausage, with Carl Johan Erikson

                                 Maskinhuset, Grängesberg, group exhibition, När tiderna förändras

                                 the Photographic Artist Book, Berlin artist book fair april + Konstakademien

2021                       Boreal exkursion Hållnäs – on forest and forestry, separate show Möbeln, Tierps konsthall

                                 Lecture of and talk with researcher Erik Westholm, SLU, on forestry, at Möbeln konsthall, Tierp/Youtube

                                 the Limitless Wild Boar part two  exhibition and performances at the new Konsthallen Sol,            

                                 ETC Katrineholm with Carl Johan Erikson

                                 the Limitless Wild Boar  Exhibition and performances at Tegen2, Stockholm with Carl Johan Erikson

2020                       Excursions group show Stipendiater Uppsala konstmuseum

                                 10° food performance, Mossutställningar Konstnärliga avsmyckningar Akt II: Eldmarknaden, Sthlm

                                 Excursions Part One, separate show ID:I galleri, Stockholm

2019                       Book release Marabouparken Sundbyberg Kokgropar och andra aktiviteter i Forsmarks skogar,

                                 With CJ Erikson, Johan Redin and JonBrunbergPublishing.

                                 Performance 10° Foodtruck Inauguration of video departement at The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

                                 Modes of Thinking and Being Ecologica  International research conference within Seedbox, LiU. Food                        performance 10° and presentation with CJ Erikson.

                                 Video screening 10° video Konstfrämjandet Stockholm

2018                       Seeds and citizens at Linköpings länsmuseum – An environmental humanities festival within Seedbox                        research hub, funded by Mistra/ Formas. Exhibition and performance 10° with CJ Erikson.

                                 På tur i Hållnäs show and video screening with CJ Erikson. Konstfrämjandet/ Region Uppsala

                                 Food performance 10° Biologiska muséet, Stockholm.  WithCJ Erikson and Jesper Olsson.

2017                       Nuclear Legacies European research conference Södertörn University – Presentation/performance 10°.

                                 Acclimitize, Moderna Muséet – Presentation of 10° Recept från Forsmarks skärgård

                                 Isotop  Presentation and food performance 10° within the course of Björn Larsson/Lina Selander at RIA

                                 Food performance 10° and research presentation for the board of Mistra, Seedbox Liu

2016                       Fotobok Gbg book fair Gothenburg, food performance on Avenyn 10° and group exhibition

                                 Book release Färgfabriken 10° Recept från Forsmarks skärgård (10° - Recipes from the Archipelago of Forsmark) with CJ Erikson and Jesper Olsso

2015 – 16             A close reading of city planning documents Slakthusområdet, Gräv där du står collection of soil and a walk in the park, within the art project Platsdriven parallellprocess, in collaboration with Slakthusateljéerna and Blue Architecture 2015                       

                                 OEI release, Marabouparken performance Biotestsjön, with CJ Erikson

2004                       Inauguration of the road no 35 The Swedish Road Administration/ Municipality of Åtvidabergs

                                 – art project Hållplats Åtvidaberg

Scandinavian Sparks group show Peking. With artist group Soc. Stockholm

Skåne Social Art Forum – Utopian World Championship. With artist group Soc. Stockholm.

2003                       Statens konstråd group show, Art as a Process of Unstabilities, with Maria Lantz

                                 Mönstring, group show Norrköpings konstmuseum – with Maria Lantz, Maija Suomalainen, Lars Almroth

2002                       Public Opinion The House of Cultures, Stockholm – dual participation: artists groups Hållplats and Soc.  

                                 GALA Utopian World Championship award ceremony Enkehuset Stockholm, a Soc.project   

2001                       Inauguration of the Utopian World Championship Culturen Västerås with Soc. Stockholm

                                 Support and action Soc - Stockholm, Svenska Dagbladet with Soc. Stockholm        

2000                       Urban Curating – Temporary readings of urbanities. Group exhibition Jyväskylä, Finland.

                                 In collaboration with architects Meike Schalk and Helena Mattson.

                                 Architecture photography and film the Royal Institute of Art.


                                 Artistic work and other projects

2020 ongoing     the Indigenous Forester project on industrial forests on the peninsula of Hållnäs, Northern Uppland

2015 ongoing     A Macroscopic Exploration with Carl Johan Erikson – 2021 the Limitless Wild Boar

2015– 2016         Platsdriven parallellprocess– Art project mirroring ongoing city development process in the Slaughterhouse area in Stockholm, in collaboration with the Studios of the Slaughterhouse area and Blue Architecture

2014                       Re-inventing Slakthusområdet Report for Blue Architecture

2005–12               The MU-campaign Implementation of industry agreement for exhibiting institutions and artists.

                                 Negotiating parties The State (represented by the Cultural Council and among others Moderna Museet),

                                 and the Artist (the Swedish Artists Organisation KRO) together with among others Hanna Isaksson

2012                       Kulturlyftet Course itinerary on public art for the EU-project together with P Ernkvist and O Nilsson.

2008                       Equality on the Fine Arts field, a project within the Swedish Artist Organization, resulting in the publication Konsten – så funkar det (inte) by Vanja Hermele

2005                       Konstnären Magazine development in collaboration with graphic designer Nille Svensson, journalists Martin Ågaard and Per Wirtén, artists Jonas Nobel and Karin Johnson

2002–2004          Hållplats Åtvidaberg – A public art commission involving the Swedish Road Administration, the municipality of Åtvidaberg and the Public Art Agency. In collaboration with artist and photographer Maria Lantz.

1999 – 2006        Member of the artist group SOC. Stockholm – An art project, a space for performative democratic and artistic endeavours. Groupmembers J Brunberg, P Carlsson, A Drougge, A Lundmark, J Malmström, T Sjödin.  

2001 – 2003        Utopian World Championship 2001, 2003 – global web competition in utopian thinking and writing.

2002                       Utopian World Championship World Tour Australia – Themes indigenous issues and democracy.  

                                 A Soc. Stockholm project with groupmembers J Brunberg and A Lundmark.

2000 – 2004        Hållplats Östergötland – A platform for collaborations in the public land- and cityscape.

                                 In collaboration with ceramicists Lars Almberg and Maija Suomalainen, and photographer Maria Lantz.


                                 Employments, positions of trust and teaching

2018 ongoing     50% CEO, Konstnärscentrum öst

2020 – 2022        President of the board of Falkenbergs konstskola.

2014 – 18             Project leader/planner, Blue Architecture Landscapes AB.

2015 – 19             Curator in public art, Konstnärscentrum, of commissions for Anneli Wallin and Christine Ödlund.

2010 – 16             Board member at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.

2005 – 13             Board member of KLYS – Kulturella och litterära yrkesutövares samarbetsnämnd,

2012 – 14             Board member of Folkrörelsernas Konstfrämjandets styrelse.

2006                       Juror for Europan – the European architectural competition for architects up to 40yrs.

2005 – 13             Working president of KRO, the Swedish Artists Organisation.

2011                       Juror of the architectural competition Kulturaxeln. The municipality of Vänersborg and Architects Sweden.

2002 – 04             Guest teacher /critic, School of Architecture KTH Rörelsens rum, New Urban Territory, the Porto Field.

2000                       Public space in Norrköping Course leader on public art.

1998                       Lecturer the Royal Institute of Art



Trakten, Kraft främjar motstånd i parken 2023, https://trakten.nu/konst/kraft-framjar-motstand-mot-morker-i-solparken/

Göteborgs universitet sociologipodden: Det bortglömda kärnavfallet avsnitt 21, 2023, https://play.gu.se/media/21.%20Det%20bortgl%C3%B6mda%20k%C3%A4rnavfallet/0_l9qpv2f0

Norrköpings tidningar, Corren utställningen Det gränslösa vildsvinet 2022

Tidskriften Verk, I glappet mellan Vilt och tamt, Svante Larsson  2021/10/01   


Dagens Nyheter, Laddad utställning om vildsvinets framfart, Birgitta Rubin 2021/02/10


Uppsala Nya Tidning, Boreal exkursion at Möbeln Tierps konsthall 2021/06/14

Interview Möbeln Tierps konsthall, on the show Boreal excursion, https://kulturhusetmobeln.se/evenemang/karin-willen/

Cora, Ödesmättade kokkonster, Eira Langaas, #59, 2020

Skogen #6, 2020

Absolut Farmakon, Snabba tankar vid kokgropen, Axel Andersson 2019/12/05

Aftonbladet, Kärnfull konstbok, Ulrika Stahre, 2019/11/06

Uppsala Nya Tidning, Det nya konstverket är en kokbok, Ingela Södermalm, 2016/05/08

Arbetarbladet, Muterad kokbok från Forsmark, Bodil Juggas, 2016/03/31

Aftonbladet, Får sina fiskar varma, Ulrika Stahre, 2016/03/13


                                 Grants, finance and prizes

2022                       Working grant 2 years Konstnärsnämnden, Utvecklingsbidrag 2 years Region Uppsala                      

2020                       The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, project Recept för råvara och kontext with Carl Johan Erikson

                                 Ateljéstipendium, the municipality of Stockholm

2020                       Working grant, the municipality of Tierp

                                 Längmanska kulturfonden – the Last Primeval forest of Europe

2019                       Prize – Cookbook of the year 2019 - category life style, Måltidsakademien, Kokgropar

2018                       Research Grant from Seedbox – the Hub for Environmental Humanities research the Seedbox, funded                      by Mistra and Formas. For the project A Macroscopic Exploration – the Final Repository

2017                       Grant of honour, the municipality of Gävle

2016                       The Cultural Council's literature support for publishing 10° Recept från Forsmarks skärgård.

2006                       the Prize of Stockholm Architectural Union together with Maria Lantz:

2004 – 2013        Funding related to presidentship KRO: Equality-projects, campaign of MU-avtalet the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Region Väst and more, The ESF, The National Board of Youth Affairs.

1998 – 2004        Funding for the artist group SOC. Stockholm: The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Stockholms stad, Framtidens kultur. Funding for artprojects Hållplats: The Public Art Agency, municipalities of Åtvidaberg, Norrköping, Östsam, The Swedish Road Administration, IASPIS, the foundation Framtidens kultur  

2004                       The Swedish Arts Grants Committee for the project Hållplats Åtvidaberg.

2001                       The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, 2 years working grant